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Will You Turn down a Job Offer because of the Company’s Strict Social Media Policy?

It is no doubt that more employers are using socialmedia in recruiting and screening job candidates. As a job candidate, however, will you turn down an offer if the company does not allow you to use social media at work?

This CNN News video reports some very interesting statistics. According to a survey of 300 job recruiters:

  • 91% employers use social media in screening job candidates; 9% do not.
  • When screening job candidates on social media, 76% use Facebook, 53% use Twitter, and 48% use LinkedIn.
  • 69% had rejected a candidate based on the “negative information” they found online about the candidate; 26% never rejected anyone; 5% do not use social media in screening at all.
  • The top “negative information” includes lying about a candidate’s qualifications and the inappropriate contents posted on social media sites.
  • 68% had hired someone because of the “positive information” they found about the candidate on social media sites.
  • “Positive information” is helpful in portraying a candidate’s positive personality, true qualifications/credentials, and creativities.

Another interesting study by Cisco with 3,000 participants who are between 18 and 30 years old reveals that: (a) 2/3 of job candidates will ask about employers’ social media policy in job interviews and (b) 56% will actually turn down a job offer if the company bans social media.

These studies support my advocates of managing people’s persona on social media as well as the needs for companies to develop a goodsocial media policy.

So, how important does social media mean to you during the time when you are looking for a job and later when you are making a decision among multiple offers?

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  1. Dolores Bonnici
    November 8, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Social media is an up and coming phenomenon that will not let up any time soon. This could work for or against job searchers depending on what information is searchable under social media websites (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.) Considering the massive
    Social media is very important to me when looking for jobs becuase majority of employers do look at at least one social media website to help determine whether or not a canidate should be hired or not; this means that social media holds a good amount of weight when it comes to judging and evaluating canidates. When making a decision amongst multiple offers one can research even the company social media websites and track the latest news on each company. Some canidates who are very involved with social media will actually turn down a job due not being able to apply this in the workplace.

  2. JiMin Lee
    December 3, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    These days, social media is becoming really important thing to us. Not only as a means of entertaining us, but also a means of deciding our future like our path (job), One of the facts hat 91% employers use social media in screening job candidates was pretty surprised to me. Since I am not that closed with social media, I can answer with confidence to the question above “will you turn down a job offer because of the company’s strict social media policy?,” as NO. Strict social media policy will not be a reason I will reject the job offer.
    It is may be because I still love the analogue. Also, as we know, the social media policy is made to prevent the company’s secrets to be stolen by spy agencies through social networking sites. Therefore, I think we should understand the company’s purpose of creating a strict social media policy.
    I do not see many problems here even if the company bans to use social media at work because it does not mean we are never allowed to use social media out of the work. At work, we are there to work, not to have fun through the social media. We get paid for working for the company so I think it is not necessary to turn down a company’s job offer due to the strict social media policy.

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